Referee Information

For more information on how to use Game Officials, game assignment process, and self-assigning games in Game Officials, please visit the East Central Soccer District's referee information website

For more information on Policies, Procedures, Rules & Regulation, please visit:

Any questions or concerns about refereeing for NSC, please contact:
Mike Jones – NSC Referee Assignor / Director

No calls after 9:00 PM

Interested in Becoming a Referee?

Participants must be at least 12 years old at the beginning of a clinic to attend a New Referee course; those under 14 years old will be registered as a Level 9 Referee and can only be be assigned to recreational games. 
The New Referee training course is a 16 hour course with half of the time spent online and the other half in the classroom. It is designed to provide entry level referee skills and information through classroom and field training for candidates. Emphasis is on preparing for youth program participation – including recreational and competitive games. Field emphasis is on the practice of specific procedures.
Administration of the USSF written examination is included at the course. Minimum passing score is 75%.