5U-8U Recreational Program Overview

The goal of Neenah Soccer Club's 5U-8U recreational program is to teach players some fundamental soccer skills while emphasizing fun and instilling a love of the game of soccer in a supportive environment. Players will be exposed to age-appropriate skill building exercises and games for all ability levels. Tryouts are not required and all registered players will be assigend to a team; the club will make every attempt at keeping the teams at equal levels of play. 

Games will be played in a 4v4, small-sided format, allowing players to get more touches on the ball in a game setting. All players will have equal playing time. 5U and 6U are both co-ed leagues; at the 7/8U age levels, players can choose between co-ed or girls only leagues. 

The season begins in early May and runs through mid July. 5U-8U age groups play one night of week, holding a 30-minute practice, filled will a variety of exercise and games to teach basic skills prior to each game. Teams are coached by parent volunteers, under the guidance of a master coach.