Managers Checklist


  • Digital Player Waivers are required for tournament play.  Hard copy waivers at registration are not accepted.  When a player is added to your digital roster on TeamSnap Tournaments, they will receive an email “invite” to be on your team.  Accepting the digital waiver will move them to your active roster.  This active roster is your team for the tournament.
  • Online Digital Team Roster is required to be submitted in the TeamSnap Tournament portal before your team registers.  Failure to do so will limit your team to those on the active roster printed at that time. Note that players need to be invited with time to complete the waiver and accept the invitation prior to the deadline. The user that registered your team will need to login at and follow the instructions to update your roster found at
    • NOTE: Teamsnap TOURNAMENTS login is different than any Teamsnap TEAM account you may have.  Make sure you are logging in and not the Teamsnap Team page.
  • Encourage parents to visit the Flatgrass Facebook page for additional tournament information and reminders. 


  • Tournament Check-in at the Main Pavilion at least one (1) hour before your first game. Teams should consider checking in Friday afternoon (4:00‐7:00 PM).  Registration opens at 7am Saturday.
    • If any player on your team has a CAST, allow 90 minutes for check-in.  The player must report to the Referee Tent with cast form and the player card.  (see rules for more information on playing with a cast)
  • For check in, you will need: 
    • One (1) official COPY of your WYSA (or other state) team roster(s) (will be kept with tournament registration coordinator).  Multiple WYSA team rosters with active players marked will allow registration officials to confirm birthdays to the TeamSnap Digital Roster and confirm guest/club players .  Reminder: Only players on your TeamSnap Digital Roster will be allowed to play!
    • Valid state roster for each player that will be playing in the tournament (exc. Academy players).
    • All players will need to be on your “active” Teamsnap roster and accepted the online digital waiver
    • A Guest Player Form, if applicable. (Guest player form is only needed for players outside of your home club.)
    • Permission to Travel form required for out‐of‐state teams only. Obtain this form from your state association. 


If you plan to roster the maximum 22 and play a different 18 per game (U13-U19), you must bring your roster  to Registration 1 hour before each game to have your roster rechecked for the 18 playing.   If the is not verified, you may be at risk for disqualification (see the rules).

In order to help keep the games on time, please have your team in the game field area 25 minutes prior to each game time. Please check-in at the appropriate Field Marshall Tent before each game. As a courtesy, wait for the previous team to leave and keep together as a group.

Absolutely NO ON-FIELD WARM-UPS.  There are numerous green spaces around and in-between fields.  No exceptions.  Point penalty and/or disqualification may be enforced if this is violated.

The primary platform for tournament communications will be the TeamSnap Tournaments mobile app. All coaches, managers, and parents are strongly encouraged to download the app and enable notifications so we can best communicate to all during the weekend.  

To download the TeamSnap Tournaments app, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to find the “TeamSnap Tournaments” mobile app.  Once downloaded search for the “2022 Flatgrass Showdown” and select as a favorite.  Then “STAR” your teams for a customized schedule on the homepage.  A field map is located in the “Local” tab under the 2022 Flatgrass Showdown at Memorial Park Pin.   

NOTE: make sure you allow notifications from this app in order to receive notifications of schedule changes, etc.

Other forms of communication that will be updated as time allows are Facebook and the tournament website.

NO PETS or Alcohol:
We’d love to have your dogs join you and understand your desire to do so, but per City of Neenah Municipal Code, Section 11-4, animals are NOT ALLOWED on park property.  Please leave your dogs at home.  Additionally, per Section 11-3, Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on City of Neenah property, including parks.

PARKING: We do not charge for parking, but know that with this many visitors to one site, parking gets very congested.  Utilize street parking (obey posted parking signs) as well as Neenah High School Parking Lots.  ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING ON GRASS OR OUTSIDE MARKED PARKING STALLS WITHIN THE PARK.  Violators are subject to ticket or towing by Neenah Police Department.  No RV’s, Trailers or Busses are allowed inside the park parking lots.